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Language, Logic, and Action Pt. 1: Logical Lacunae

by Hiram R. Diaz III In a time of great distress, the worst thing we can do is act impulsively. Yet that seems to be the very thing we typically do. Rather than calming down, praying, and thinking through whatever issue it is we are facing, we resort to doing what feels right. This is more than irrational and unwise, it is sinful. For if we are emotionally impulsive, subjecting rationality to our feelings rather than subjecting our feelings to the truth/reason, then we are not exercising self-control, and that is evil. 1  Moreover, while we are not emotionless fleshly robots, we also aren’t a-rational animals who are not morally culpable for acting out of pure instinct. We are the image of the living God, whose very word ( logos/reason/rational revelation 2 ) is life. 3 It’s incumbent upon us, therefore, to think first and emote later, and in a manner corresponding to the truth.  We fail to do this when we don’t thi

Biblical Trinitarian: Yehoshu'a and Yeshu'a: Christ in the Book of Numbers

Biblical Trinitarian: Yehoshu'a and Yeshu'a: Christ in the Book of Numbe... : by Hiram R. Diaz III I.Introduction: Joshua and the New Generation of Israelites In the book of Numbers, there are numerous typ...

Science and Truth

by Gordon H. Clark [Given the current idolization of science, even by some professing Christians, I thought this article by the late Presbyterian philosopher Gordon H. Clark would be a helpful corrective. You can find the original here .] Centuries ago it may have been possible to ignore science-in fact centuries ago there was little science to ignore-but today its successes are so phenomenal that it is usually accorded the last word in all disputes. The younger generation can hardly realize that so simple a thing as the incandescent electric bulb came only yesterday. Today science receives its praise and respect by reason of the atomic bomb, bacteriological warfare, and the possibility of interplanetary travel. None of this may be desirable, but truth is not a matter of desire; and the methods that have produced these wonderful products of civilization are capable of answering every question. T. H. Huxley asserted that the foundation of morality is to renounce lying and