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ContraPostmodernism: The Pomo-Packet

I've been writing about postmodernism and its related offspring - e.g. critical race theory - for a while now. Really, ever since the Lord converted me out of the delusional thinking of postmodern philosophy, I've been attacking it wherever its ugly little head has popped up, especially within the visible church.

I recently had some siblings in Christ ask me about the subject again, in light of (i.)what their children are learning in college and (ii.)what they have been hearing about CRT and Social Justice from others (namely, that these things are compatible with Christianity). So I tried my best to gather together a bunch of articles I wrote on these subjects, and compiled them into what I've decided to call the PomoPacket.

The result? 40 pages of information on the nature of postmodernism/poststructuralism and critical race theory & social justice, and why these ideas are antithetical to Christianity. You can download the PomoPacket here -

ContraPostmodernism: The POMOPacket

I hope you find this to be a useful set of writings. Given that these are primarily taken from my informal blogs, you might catch a typo or twenty. And given that these writings span about a decade, you might note a difference in my level of theological maturity. However, you will see that they are theologically sound and explicitly geared toward assisting Christians in our analysis and demolition of competing worldviews against Christianity.

Stay tuned for more this week from me.

Soli Deo Gloria