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Current Projects & An Update

So I've been kind of quiet online lately, but I haven't been absent. I'm working on a number of different projects - aesthetic and theological - that have required more direct engagement with ideas and texts with which I'm only relatively familiar. Here's a quick breakdown of what I've been working on - 

1. Reacquainting myself with the philosophy of Hegel, in order to become better equipped at articulating how CRT & Social Justice Warriorism are built on conceptions of the self, society, morality, history, and theology thought up by White male Europeans.


Miscellaneous academic articles.

2. Studying axiology.

3. Researching philosophical trends correlative to the developing early church.

4. Creating music for another album to be released soon.

5. Designing t-shirts and other types of merchandise.

Hopefully, I can produce more content in a timely manner. 

Please pray for me in my endeavours, as I don't want to waste time doing inconsequential things when I could be helping the body of Christ.

Until next time,
Soli Deo Gloria.