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"The Hedonism and Homosexuality of John Piper and Sam Allberry" - Book Review
by Hiram R. Diaz III

Scripture repeatedly warns Christians about false teachers who are like wolves in sheep’s clothing, men who creep into churches and secretly bring with them destructive heresies. These men are not outwardly ravenous but, as Christ reveals to us, inwardly ravenous. Christians are commanded by Jesus Christ to beware of these false prophets and false teachers. Yet we are often caught off guard by such men because we fail to scrutinize their teaching, being satisfied with what appears to be good and godly conduct and teaching.Among those false teachers, we find John Piper and Sam Allberry. In his book The Hedonism and Homosexuality of John Piper and Sam Allberry: Turning the Grace of God Into Lasciviousness, author Enoch Burke closely examines John Piper’s doctrine of “Christian hedonism,” and shows how it has helped create a theological environment conducive to the kind of teaching found in Sam Allberry’s writing an…
Either BLM or Christ - You Cannot Serve Two Masters
by Hiram R. Diaz III

The Primary Focus of Black Lives Matter

If you haven’t checked out the Semper Reformanda Radio podcast over at ThornCrownMinistries, I suggest you do so. We have produced quite a bit of material that you may find useful. Among the podcast episodes dealing with current affairs, you’ll find discussions on Critical Race Theory, Social Justice, and, most recently, Black Lives Matter. These topics are relevant to Christians because there are many within the visible church who are actively seeking to integrate those ideas with the faith delivered once for all unto the saints. We are to dismantle those ideas, and subject them to the Lordship of Jesus Christ – the Lord God of Truth. Most recently, we decided to talk about Black Lives Matter because whereas CRT and SJ are somewhat removed from one’s everyday experience as they are…