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Carpe Corpus: Seize the Body?

by Hiram R. Diaz III The plans of the heart belong to man, but the answer of the tongue is from the Lord. - Proverbs 16:1 Over the past month, I've come to understand that God is Sovereign over all things - including my body. A few weeks ago, I awoke to the sound of my city's local EMT firefighters loudly mispronouncing my name as my wife gently explained what was happening. Honey, you had a seizure. They're going to take you to the hospital. Okay? Little to my knowledge, and quite apart from anything I had planned for the night, while I slept my body shook violently, my muscles stiffened, and my consciousness of what was occurring in me and around me, apparently, went blank. It was a reality that I had faced before, about 37 years or so ago. I remember the stories of how I had almost suffocated on plastic while having a seizure, and thinking it was weird that I had no recollection of those times. The seizures were always something I thought I had grown out of, a neurologic

An Update on My Relationship with BiblicalTrinitarian

by Hiram R. Diaz III Given my past recommendations of Biblical Trinitarian , I would like to give you all a personal update on my relationship with the site. When Mike Burgos and I met over a decade ago, there was much that we held in common. Mike has been a consistent friend and encouragement – in matters theological, academic, ministerial, and personal – and I cannot thank him enough for that. Mike exemplified Christian brotherhood, but as time passed and our understanding of certain aspects of systematic and practical theology changed with our study and experience, I felt morally obliged to part ways with him. I just didn’t feel I could partner with him in good conscience given some of the positions to which he holds, which I will only briefly mention below. Firstly, however, let me be clear: Mike Burgos is a brother in Christ. He is not a heretic and enemy of the faith. Moreover, if you are interested in hearing good deb

The Crown & My Crown

by Semiotician/Hiram R. Diaz III If you are my friend on social media, you're probably aware of the fact that I've recently had a grand mal seizure. As you could imagine, this has put a monkey wrench in my plans to write profusely from dusk to dawn with wild-eyed enthusiasm. I'm not entirely unproductive, though, as I've begun putting more effort into my music and merchandise production. Being a golden age hip hop fan, and bedroom producer, I recently put out a new album with the all too apropos title "The Crown."  If you're interested in supporting my extra work on research and writing for my blog, Thorn Crown Ministries, and other platforms please consider purchasing a copy of the album for yourself or a friend or loved one. And if you're interested in what it sounds like, take a listen here. The Crown by Semiotician And if you aren't the biggest fan o