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Some Thoughts on Ignorance and Moral Culpability Before God

by Hiram R. Diaz III  [Read: Romans 1:18-32] One is always culpable before God, even if he is unable to understand the verbal revelation given by God. For while he may not understand the Scriptures, he understands that he is ignorant of their meaning. He is culpable in such a case for not having sought out understanding of that text, either by means of a human teacher who can help him along the way or by means of supernatural assistance. The man who doesn't understand the word of God, understands that he is ignorant of its meaning, and yet doesn't seek to remedy this situation reveals he has a hardened heart that is satisfied with its wayward and ignorant meanderings. He is proud, unsubmissive to the law of God written on his heart that demands he think not more highly of himself than he ought (which violates the first commandment), and that he bear witness to the truth regarding his condition (which violates the eighth commandment). It also follows from this that he is a liar,

A Little Update...Mostly About Books

by Hiram R. Diaz III So things around here have been somewhat quiet for a while now, but I've been busy at work.  A lot of my time has just been spent doing regular dad and husband things, but I've also managed to pump out an album ( check it out here ), two articles for Thorn Crown Ministries ( On the Moral Duty and Necessity of Going to Work , Some Answers to Pertinent Questions from a Friend ), and have managed to get a good deal of reading done. These books cover a range of topics, and could be very useful, so I thought I'd list them. 1. Pseudopandemic: The New Normal Technocracy  - I heard about this book while listening to The Corbett Report   (a politics/geopolitics podcast well worth your time if you're interested in actual news), and have been greatly pleased by the book's meticulous documentation of its sources. It is a long read, but if you're interested in understanding how and why the covid fauxpocalypse is just that, a pseudopandemic, this is a gre

Are You Distracted?

by Hiram R. Diaz III When the Lord saved me around 12 years ago or so, I made a radical break from my political past. Whereas I had formerly been a postmodernist and, therefore, an advocate of ideas in line with critical race theory and social justicism, upon my conversion I understood that such ideas and their attendant practices were wicked. I wanted nothing to do with them, and thought I could quietly pass my time here without ever having to think through political issues.  In my view, being concerned about my rights as a citizen of the USA was a foolish waste of time. After all, God is Sovereign. Why should I be concerned about the sins of others, when my sins are so numerous? Is this not a form of self-righteousness? Why should I be disseminating politically relevant information, when I could be disseminating the Gospel? Was it not just a waste of time to be concerned with political issues? As ti

How to Love God and Your Neighbor

by Hiram R. Diaz III [N.B. This article was originally three articles which I published for ThornCrownMinistries . I decided to repost it as one incredibly long article, seeing as I had some readers tell me it was a helpful series of articles. I hope you are edified by the content, and can find practical use for it as well.]  Part 1 – Think Before You Get “the Jab” Seeing as many Christians are aware of the ethically suspect, if not entirely corrupt, process of vaccine development, and are aware of the serious side-effects of the gene-therapies that are now being rebranded as vaccines, there is a growing tide of individuals who feel the need to tell us that we are “not loving our neighbors” if we don’t get vaccinated. Visit social media and you can see them saying “I thought you were a Christian. Aren’t you supposed to love your neighbor?” Listen to the talking heads on television and online media outlets and you can hear th