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On the Resolution of Contradictions

by Hiram R. Diaz III

The philosophical views of the world are always at odds not only with Christ, his people, basic principles of science, logic, and ethics – but also with themselves. At times this is not readily apparent, and must be revealed by patient analysis. In our own day, this isn’t the case. Christ’s enemies are blatantly contradicting themselves day by day, and they are apparently unaware of their foolishness. In this short article, I want to write about some of these for posterity...and for anyone who may not have given a passing thought to this subject matter.

1. White Supremacy – Under the rotten influence of Critical Race Theory, many today preach against White Supremacy, claiming that it pervades every aspect of American life. Calls for “justice” are predicated upon the belief that America’s institutions – be they medical, educational, or carceral – are systemically racist structures built upon a foundation of white supremacist thinking which they, by acting in accordance with that foundation, reiterate via discursive, disciplinary, and punitive practices.

The irony here is, of course, that Critical Race Theory’s necessary presuppositions are derived from white European males who viewed non-white non-European males and females as ontological, biological, ethical, and intellectual inferiors. In other words, Critical Race Theory is an outgrowth of the thinking of racist European white men and, therefore, is racist by its own standards. For more on this read:

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Philosophy’s Systemic Racism (In this article, Hegel and his dialectic are discussed.)

2. Disinformation – Equally ironic is the current anti-disinformation trend among leftists. On the one hand, these individuals and groups are fighting to suppress views they deem to be “disinformation” because such views, they argue, “lead to people getting hurt.” Supposing their claim that disinfo leads to violence is true, then does this not condemn their own absolutely false beliefs about unborn children? In the case of unborn children, we don’t have to speculate about the relationship between disinfo and violence. Having been identified as non-human, or as sub-human, or only proto-human, unborn children are murdered by the millions each year. Additionally, consider how many individuals have chemically castrated themselves or have had their genitals mutilated in a vain “therapeutic” attempt to have their bodies look like the opposite gender, only to never resolve their psyscho-emotional problems. This has been done under the direction of psychologists who trade in disinformation for a living.

3. Defund the Police – The summer riots – replete with violence against innocent people, the destruction of private property to the tune of, I think, $80 million, and the attempted erasure of history – sought to “defund the police” who were being utilized by the corrupt government to enforce white supremacist ideas & practices. The goal was stated clearly over and over again by promoters of the riots. Yet when the so-called “armed”(they weren’t armed) “insurrectionists”(they didn’t engage in insurrection) “broke into” (it seems the majority were let in by the Capitol police) the Capitol building and engaged in civil disobedience that was compared to Pearl Harbor and 9/11 in its ferocity (i.e. someone defecated on Nancy Pelosi’s desk, stole her laptop, and others walked around inside the building posing for media photographers), those who justified their summer acts of lawlessness, which were more dangerous and destructive than the larp engaged in by some patriots out of hundreds of thousands of law-abiding citizens. The same people who claimed that the system is corrupt, an institution built by and for white supremacists, one which utilizes the police to enforce the autocratic decrees of the President, who argued that police were at fault somehow and needed to be defunded – these same people have also now sought to utilize the police and military to protect the resident of the White House as he orders executive decree after executive decree, refuses to make more public appearances, and is served by a press that effectively protects him from not only criticism but mere observation and analysis.

4. Discrimination – In Scripture, we are told that partiality is a sin. This means that whether we are showing partiality to the rich or the poor, God does not approve. It is evil. This has led some Christians to think that any movement against discrimination against those in the minority in society is good. The reality of the situation, however, is that while the anti-discrimination movements claim to be fighting for equality and equity (a spurious distinction, to be sure), they are actively engaged in discriminating against White people, individualists, Christians, heterosexuals, people of color who don’t believe in their ideology, women, children, patriarchalists, and gender essentialists. This is not merely hypocrisy, it’s a contradiction that dismantles their soapbox and sets fire to their scripted diatribes against racism, “homophobia,” “transphobia,” and every other “phobia” they can concoct.

What Do We Make of This Phenomenon?

I could have written a lot more about these kinds of contradictions, but I didn’t intend to be exhaustive in this post. Rather, I wanted to point out some of the contradictions in order to make some larger points. I already mentioned the first in my opening paragraph. Fallen man’s opposition to his Creator leaves him in a perpetual state of intellectual and ethical contradiction. This is the result of the Fall, as the imago dei in man has been marred by sin and its ongoing consequences.

Additionally, however, there is a significant political point to draw out here as well. You see, while fallen man is perpetually in a state of contradiction, intellectually and ethically, some instantiations of that perpetual contradiction are clearer than others. I mentioned this briefly in my opening paragraph, but more can be said about it here seeing as one of the major contradictions I didn’t go over was that of the social justice Neo-Marxists being funded by elitist corporate heads and governmental authorities that have no intention of ever seeing Neo-Marxism become the established political superstructure of America or any other place in the world.

What accounts for this? It’s simple, really. The psychopathic Mao Zedong made it very clear in his little essay titled “On Contradiction” that the basis of political change was contradiction. He writes –

According to materialist dialectics, changes in nature are due chiefly to the development of the internal contradictions in nature. Changes in society are due chiefly to the development of the internal contradictions in society, that is, the contradiction between the productive forces and the relations of production, the contradiction between classes and the contradiction between the old and the new; it is the development of these contradictions that pushes society forward and gives the impetus for the supersession of the old society by the new. Does materialist dialectics exclude external causes? Not at all. It holds that external causes are the condition of change and internal causes are the basis of change, and that external causes become operative through internal causes.


Moreover, he writes –

Contradiction is universal and absolute, it is present in the process of development of all things and permeates every process from beginning to end.

What is meant by the emergence of a new process? The old unity with its constituent opposites yields to a new unity with its constituent opposites, whereupon a new process emerges to replace the old. The old process ends and the new one begins. The new process contains new contradictions and begins its own history of the development of contradictions.


What we see happening today is a result of sin, of course, but on one level there are the social justice warriors/Neo-Marxists who create upheaval by means of creating ideological (i.e. internal) and physical (i.e. external) contradiction in order to deconstruct society and push for its reconstruction in the image of Marxism. Yet on another level, that of the billionaire capitalists who support the destruction of Western Civilization through the “activism” of BLM/Antifa/Communists/Marxists, we see that there is another contradiction at play. We see that the Socialist/Marxist/Communist/Antifa/BLM mobs are standing in contradiction to Western Civilization, the primacy of reason, the absoluteness and universality of morality (as defined by the God of Scripture), and Christianity. What is more, we see that this contradiction – exacerbated by the media and politicians on board with billionaire capitalists like Bill Gates, George Soros, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, Tim Cook, and many others – is being utilized by them to deconstruct the ideological idealists on the left, as well Christians and conservatives on the right, in order to reconstruct society in their image.

Let us not be useful idiots, Christians, but pray for the downfall and conversion of these monsters and those they, ironically, support in the Neo-Marxist camp. Let us remember that even the technocratic elite are perpetually in a state of contradiction. How else do we explain their simultaneously desire for absolute autonomy, omniscience, omnipresence, and omnipotence (through technological means), and their hatred for one who naturally has those attributes (namely, Yahweh the Triune King)?

While we point out the contradictory ideologies and practices of those who are our immediate opponents (i.e. those who are on the ground throwing bottles and slurs at “violent” “intolerant” “bigots”), let us not lose sight of the bigger picture. Fallen men are perpetually in a state of intellectual and ethical contradiction, but they are so at different levels. Some men are ideologically and ethical consistent as regards their opposition to other ideologies and systems of ethics, yet stand in intellectual and ethical contradiction to Yahweh. Others are inconsistently systematic in their ideological and ethical commitments in addition to standing in ideological and ethical contradiction to Yahweh.

Let us avoid both by having our minds renewed by the Spirit of God as he applies the Scriptures to us daily.

Sola Scriptura.