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Some Updates on Some Stuff...

Books and Stuff

I took some time off last week and this week to focus on learning how to use a new piece of gear I recently was gifted with, the MPC One. If you aren't aware, I compose instrumental music whenever I get a chance, and have been wanting this machine for, literally, decades. So I've been excited to learn how to use the machine, and have been cranking out instrumentals in my few minutes of spare time every day.

In addition to this, I've been reading up on several subjects that I hope to write about soon. This includes academic articles and books covering the subjects of biblical anthropology, biblical epistemology, biblical metaphysics, biblical psychology (i.e. the study of the soul), Foucault's archaeological method, Jean Baudrillard's nihilism, and discourse analysis. Oddly enough, there is a way in which these subjects intersect. However, I won't get into that...yet.

Health Stuff

Right now, I want to consume as much data as possible to prepare myself to write an in depth refutation of annihilationism, as well as an in depth refutation of the current social justice/critical race theory/Marxist movement in America. And this works out well with my upcoming surgery, given that I'll have to take things slow for a couple of weeks after the surgery is completed.

As some of you know, I had a grand mal seizure in December. The seizure wasn't related to any on-going neurological problems, but was basically a result of being overworked, overcaffeinated, sleep deprived, and poor dietary choices. However, as a matter of course, the doctors scanned my brain and found out that I am missing a small piece of bone around my ear. It's not life threatening, but could present complications later in life.

Thankfully, the surgery is simple and fast, as is recovery. I would appreciate your prayers very much.

Preaching/Teaching Stuff

Lastly, my church has gone through some big changes over the past year that have nothing to do with the boogeyman virus (covid-19), and that put my preaching series through Mark on hiatus. A few weeks ago, though, my pastor asked me to begin preaching again. This means that I've had to study more and interact online less. I may be preaching again in June, if memory serves.

A Final Word

Given all that's coming up, I would appreciate your prayers. I want to glorify God with my thoughts and words and deeds, and being either unproductive or overburdened with projects won't help that. I would also appreciate it you headed over to Amazon and purchased a book or two, or directed friends and family over to my books, if what I've written can be of help to you or your friends and family.

So far I've published four books dealing with several apologetical subjects. You can take a look at them for yourself here.

I plan on blogging consistently next week, so stay tuned!

Soli Deo Gloria