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Don't Fall for the Bad Arguments Again

by Hiram R. Diaz III

It's been hard to blog with all that's been going on in my life lately. I recently had two pretty serious surgeries, moved from primarily software based music production to primarily hardware based music production (which involves a bigger learning curve than I had previously imagined!), and started to research and write a new book (the first in an installment series on the doctrine of Hell), so I've had little to no time to blog on recent events. 

Yet sadly, I don't really need to write anything new to deal with current events, considering that the media and governing officials today are using the same fallacious arguments they used a year ago to justify their fear mongering and promotion of socially, physically, emotionally, and economically destructive practices. So I decided to collate my articles from a year ago (thereabouts) dealing with the all of the wicked and irrational argumentation that was initially used to "save lives" from the dreaded "pandemic" that was going to exterminate us all (wink, wink).

My goal today, as it has been ever since I began reading a wide variety of sources of information regarding Covid-19, is to inform believers, and anyone else listening, about how they are being manipulated into destroying themselves and others. There is no objective basis for dreading the Covid-based fauxpocalypse, or getting the vaccine, or locking down countries, or wearing masks, or subjecting yourselves to house arrest  (i.e. undergoing a legally enforced "quarantine," despite not being sick, and despite the virus being, in essence, a nothing-burger and political whipping stick utilized by globalist elites).

You are required by Divine mandate to think rationally about the information you receive and respond to, as your reception and response are moral actions for which you are accountable. It is your duty. Thinking, rationally analyzing the claims of so-called "experts" and "authorities" in the government is a requirement. Your failure to do so can result not only in your own personal discomfort, impoverishment, sickness, and destruction, but also that of your neighbor.

It is thinking rationally/biblically, and acting in accordance with reason/biblical truth, that is a form of loving your neighbor. What the governing officials in favor of mask mandates, house arrest/faux-quarantine, and experimental gene therapies are promoting is the opposite of loving God and loving your neighbor.

Below you will find the links to the articles I wrote. I hope to soon publish them in a little book you can purchase, if you find the articles helpful. And...I hope you find them beneficial :)

Solus Christus


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