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How to Love God and Your Neighbor

by Hiram R. Diaz III [N.B. This article was originally three articles which I published for ThornCrownMinistries . I decided to repost it as one incredibly long article, seeing as I had some readers tell me it was a helpful series of articles. I hope you are edified by the content, and can find practical use for it as well.]  Part 1 – Think Before You Get “the Jab” Seeing as many Christians are aware of the ethically suspect, if not entirely corrupt, process of vaccine development, and are aware of the serious side-effects of the gene-therapies that are now being rebranded as vaccines, there is a growing tide of individuals who feel the need to tell us that we are “not loving our neighbors” if we don’t get vaccinated. Visit social media and you can see them saying “I thought you were a Christian. Aren’t you supposed to love your neighbor?” Listen to the talking heads on television and online media outlets and you can hear th