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Are You Distracted?

by Hiram R. Diaz III When the Lord saved me around 12 years ago or so, I made a radical break from my political past. Whereas I had formerly been a postmodernist and, therefore, an advocate of ideas in line with critical race theory and social justicism, upon my conversion I understood that such ideas and their attendant practices were wicked. I wanted nothing to do with them, and thought I could quietly pass my time here without ever having to think through political issues.  In my view, being concerned about my rights as a citizen of the USA was a foolish waste of time. After all, God is Sovereign. Why should I be concerned about the sins of others, when my sins are so numerous? Is this not a form of self-righteousness? Why should I be disseminating politically relevant information, when I could be disseminating the Gospel? Was it not just a waste of time to be concerned with political issues? As ti