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More Sleight of Hand from the World Economic Forum

Another Fake Insurrection

Not too long ago, intramural discontent with Klaus Schwab was made public by certain members of the World Economic Forum. Larry Elliot of The Guardian published an article titled —

Mutiny erupts among WEF staff over role of ‘Mr Davos’

Founder and chair Klaus Schwab has run forum for 52 years but is now seen by some past and present staff as ‘a law unto himself’

To those of us who are aware of Klaus & Co.’s desire to depopulate most of humanity, and transform those of who remain into biotech-controlled slaves who exist simply to serve their needs, this headline sounds promise. That is, until you read the whole article.

The article does not reveal that Klaus is the sole creator of the technocratic dystopia the World Economic Forum has been pushing on the world for decades. It does not reveal that this is the reason why he has been called “a law unto himself” by his cronies. It does not reveal that the WEF members think their general direction is immoral and should be stopped. Instead, it reveals that Klaus is acting a little too independently for the tastes of his friends, that he has hired people of whom his friends do not approve, and that as a result the WEF is not running as smoothly as it could be in its progress to achieve the dystopian future for which all of its members, including Klaus, lust.

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