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In addition to the apologetics and theology writing you can see here and in my books, I produce music and art on a fairly regular basis. The majority of my music is instrumental Hip Hop/Trip Hop. I produce under the name "Semiotician."

That means I do a lot of sample manipulation, drum sequencing, and synth accompaniment. My influences are Pete Rock, DJ Premier, Large Professor, Diamond D, The Beanuts, Havoc (of Mobb Deep), Ski Beatz, Alchemist, Ill Mind, MF Doom, Andrew Bird, Chopin, Sergovia, and others.

My music can be purchased at Bandcamp, as well as at any online music retailer. Listen to some tracks below. If you like what you hear, get yourself a track or two or three...or an album!

Or you can stream my music using just about any online streaming platform (linked below).