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Podcasts & Preaching

Although I mainly write, I also produce audio content from time to time. In particular, I am a co-host on the Semper Reformanda Radio podcast over at Thorn Crown Ministries, for whom I also write. Tim Shaughnessy, Carlos Montijo, and I cover various subjects of theological and apologetical concern and interest. You can listen here, or subscribe via iTunes or your favorite podcast app.

In addition to co-hosting Semper Reformanda Radio, I also preach from time to time at my local church, Port Cities Reformed Baptist Church

Below you will find a selection of sermons I have preached. If you find it profitable, and you want to hear more, you can access the remainder of my sermons, as well as those of other men in the church, at the church's sermon page.

Christ as Our Priest in the Gospel of Mark
The Righteous Man of Psalm 15
Two Reservations for Eternity