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The Semiosphere

[The] Semiosphere is the sphere of semiosis 
in which sign processes operate
in the set of all interconnected [environments].

In The Semiosphere, you will find my original artwork (digital and physical). The majority of my work falls somewhere between non-representational, non-objective representational, and illustrative works. If you are interested in purchasing a physical or digital piece, please email me here.

Physical Art

Tio, de la bodega [Ink Sketch]

Bird Head [Oil, Alcohol-based, and Water Color Paint Markers]

Failed, Self-Portrait [Oil, Alcohol-based, and Acrylic Paint]

Samurai Batman [Alcohol-based marker]

Nobama [Acrylic & Latex paint, and alcohol-based markers]

Semiotician Car-Magnets [Latex printed stickers]

Roots WildStyle [alcohol-based markers, acrylic paint]

Kid...on a Plane? [Water paint]
Digital Art

SE [Album Cover]

Logic: Dance


Young Semiotician

Rough Sketch/Batman Profile

Vector Self-Portrait